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Join us for a half-day surf trips adventure at one of the twelve incredible surf breaks of Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit. Grab a few friends or make new ones and we'll cruise through the luscious jungle and explore what the area has to offer. 

What sets us apart?
Our surf trips are all-inclusive, covering both transportation and board rental! 


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Hit the waves and make memories that last a lifetime!
Book 5 surf trips to La Lancha in Punta de Mita with us and only pay $500 MXN* per person per surf trip! 

*Not in combination with other promotions,

Terms and conditions apply. Check them out here 

Transportation to La Lancha


Dive into the waves and ride the tides on our adventurous 4-hour surf trip. We promise to take you to the best surf break of the day, (e.g. La Lancha, Burros, Stinky's, Anclote) ensuring an unforgettable experience.
What to expect? Read here


What to expect of our surf trips? Read here
Save your spot with only $200 MXN / $12 USD per person! 
1 day of surfing not enough? ​
With our 5-day surf trip package you only pay $500 per trip! *


*Terms and conditions apply.
Read them here
Platanitos surfbreak


Platanitos is quite the paradise! Surfing for all levels. This natural paradise - located 1.5 hours from Sayulita is one of our favourites. 


  • This trip is custom made and possible to combine with other activities we offer.
  • Please contact us for prices


What to Expect From Our 4-hour Surf Trips:

  • Duration: 4 hours. 30 minutes to the break, 3 hours of surf/chill and 30 minutes to get back to Sayulita. 

  • Structure: We meet at our surf school where you can pick a board of your choice. With over 80+ boards to choose from, there must be one that fits you! After everyone has arrived we drive in about 25 minutes to the beach, unload the boards and walk to the break. Our instructors, who have all the local knowledge you need, will explain the break to you, ensuring your surf session will be a safe one. After this quick explanation you will have for about 3 hours free to spend surfing, chilling, sunbathing...

  • Group Size:  Our trips accommodate a minimum of 4 and up to 16 surfers. Traveling solo? Sign up anyways, and we'll hook you up with fellow surf  enthusiasts.

  • Inclusions: Surfboard and transportation. Need some guidance? Add a surf Lesson

  • Meet New Friends: Our trips aren't just about surfing; they're about connecting. This is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and meet people who share your passion for the waves

What to Bring:

To make the most out of your surf trip, it's essential to come prepared. Here’s a quick checklist of what you should pack:

  • Reef-Proof Sunscreen: Protect yourself from the sun without harming our precious ocean.

  • Towel: For drying off or lounging on the beach between surfing sessions.

  • Water & Snacks: Stay hydrated and energized. Remember, surfing can be exhausting!

  • Beers: For if you like a cold one after conquering the waves. (Please drink responsibly!)


Special Reminders:

  • Nature's Path: Embrace the journey! At some breaks you'll be carrying your board and belongings for about 8-10 minutes through a scenic jungle pathway. It's a little adventure before the main event.

  • Safety of Belongings: While our chosen surf spot is generally safe, leaving belongings on the beach is always at your own risk. For peace of mind, we recommend keeping your valuables back at the hotel and just bring some money for if you want to buy something. 


Get ready to conquer the waves and make lasting memories. Book your surf trip today and Hop In on an adventure you won't forget soon!

"First time in Sayulita, and I’m so grateful for my surf trip with Marea! I had a lesson with Miguel, and it was amazing. Honestly, one of my favorite surf experiences. The beach we went to was gorgeous, and he is a great teacher. I rebooked a few days later and had Max as an instructor, who is also awesome! They are kind, patient and fun. I can’t wait to be back in Sayulita to book another surf trip with them"

Surf Breaks...

With so many surf breaks to choose from like Sayulita, La Lancha, Burros, and Anclote in Punta de Mita, we've curated an interactive map to help you navigate the characteristics of each spot.

Explore the tranquility of La Lancha, a favor of beginner and advanced surfers for its spread out breaks and waves.
Dive into the playground of Burros, perfect for those craving the rush of challenging swells. (suitable for advanced surfers) 
Or discover the beauty and versatility of Anclote and Stinky's in Punta de Mita, suitable to surfers of all levels.

Our interactive map provides insights into wave quality, difficulty, and the overall vibe of each break in the area. 
Choose your wave wisely and ride the experience that suits your style.

Let the waves guide you...

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Adventure with us


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