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La Lancha: The Perfect Surf Break for All Levels in Punta de Mita

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Drone shot of the waves at La Lancha beach
La Lancha Surf Break

La Lancha surf break, Punta de Mita

Between Punta de Mita and La Cruz de Huanacaxctle hidden behind the mangrove, you'll find a dream destination for surfers, the hidden treasure called La Lancha. This secluded beach offers an unmatched beach experience, attracting surfers of all skill levels with its consistent and gentle waves. La Lancha is more than just a surf spot; it's an ideal destination for those looking for a clean, relaxed beach getaway.

Now that we've introduced La Lancha as a dream destination, let's delve into what makes it fantastic.

a group of people posing in front of a colorful sunset
Sunset Surf Sessions

A Fantastic Beach Getaway

La Lancha stands out as the top spot for longboard and shortboard surfers seeking consistent waves in a peaceful and spacious setting. The beach's gentle, mellow waves create an ideal environment for both beginners wanting to catch their first wave and experienced surfers looking for a relaxed session. The expansive shoreline provides plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the surf at their own pace, making La Lancha a perfect beach for all skill levels.

people walking over a bridge with their surfboards
La Lancha Mangrove

Crystal-Clear Waters

One of La Lancha's standout features is its crystal-clear waters, providing a contrast to the water issues faced by nearby areas like Sayulita. The dedication to environmental conservation makes La Lancha not just a surf destination but a responsible and sustainable one. Additionally, the bay serves as a haven for marine life; during the season, you might get visits from turtles, dolphins, and whales while surfing! In the mangroves, you will find many bird species and crocodiles. This makes La Lancha not just a surf destination but also for nature enthusiasts.

a drone shot of people waiting in the line up
Surfing in La Lancha

Chill Vibes in and Outside the Water

What sets La Lancha apart is not just its consistent waves and pristine waters but also the chill vibe. Surfers and beach fanatics alike share a laid-back attitude, creating a welcoming community spirit. Whether you're waiting for the perfect wave, lounging on the beach, or enjoying the company of fellow surfers, the atmosphere at La Lancha is undeniably relaxed.

People chilling on the beach with a beer during sunset
Sunset Surf Session

Unplugged Ambiance: No Umbrellas, No Vendors

La Lancha stands out not only for its consistent waves but also for its commitment to preserving a natural, unspoiled atmosphere. Unlike Sayulita, there's no sea of umbrellas or a barrage of vendors trying to get your attention. La Lancha embraces simplicity, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings without the distractions of a commercialized beach experience. In the spirit of ecological responsibility, visitors are asked to leave only footprints and take their trash, ensuring the beach remains for all to enjoy.

two girls after their surf session
good vibes

Surf Lessons and Board Rentals

Joining us on a surf trip to La Lancha opens the door to an exclusive surfing experience! We tailor to all levels with surf lessons taught by our knowledgeable instructors, ensuring beginners catch their first waves with confidence, and experienced surfers to level up their skills. For surfers looking to practice on their own, our option for board rental and transportation is a convenient choice. Whether you're a solo traveler or part of a group, our surf trips to La Lancha promise an adventure into the surf culture that defines the Banderas Bay!

a girl posing in frond of a pick-up car and two people tying up surf boards on top of it
Hop in our pick-up!

In conclusion, La Lancha in Punta de Mita is by far the best surf break that is suitable for all levels. With its consistent and mellow waves and relaxed atmosphere both in and outside the water, La Lancha provides an idyllic beach experience. Whether you're an experienced longboarder, shortboarder, or a first-time surfer, this hidden gem on the Pacific coast is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories of sun, nature and surf!

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Have you been to La Lancha? Let us know in the comments!

a secluded beach with a few people who are walking
No umbrellas - No vendors

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