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The Perfect Wave: Best Age for Kids to Learn Surfing in Sayulita

Thinking of introducing your kids to the world of surfing in Sayulita? Sayulita is the perfect place for kids to learn how to surf. Ready to watch your child catch their first wave? Let's explore the essentials for a safe, enjoyable surfing start and unveil why Sayulita stands out as a family-friendly surf paradise.

Starting Young in Sayulita:

Surfing in Sayulita is a dream for many, but when is the right time for kids to start catching waves? As a rule of thumb, kids should be at least 5 years old. This age is generally when they’ve developed enough physical coordination, strength, and attention span to start learning the basics of surfing.

Swimming Skills: A Must-Have:

Before kids hit the surf, they should be comfortable in the water. Being able to swim is a critical skill for any young surfer. In Sayulita, the ocean is calm and inviting, but it's still the ocean – unpredictable and demanding respect. Make sure your kids are confident swimmers, able to tread water, and comfortable with the idea of being in the sea. This isn’t just about safety; it’s about ensuring they have a fun and stress-free experience in the water.

Emotional Readiness:

Beyond age and physical ability, emotional readiness is key. Some kids might be raring to go at 5, while others may need a bit more time to feel comfortable with the idea of surfing. In Sayulita, the atmosphere is laid-back and supportive, which can greatly help in easing any anxieties or fears a child might have.

The Marea Advantage:

What sets Mara apart is its community and environment, ideal for young surfers taking their first steps into the sport.

Our team has a combined 30+ years of teaching kids how to surf. Our instructors make surfing very approachable and foster a fun experience, rather than just pushing kids into the waves. The lesson first starts with on-shore training on safety and the basics of surfing before catching waves. With our experienced instructors, kids can safely learn and grow at their own pace. Come book a kids surf lesson with Marea!


In essence, the perfect time for kids to start surfing in Sayulita is when they are physically able to swim, emotionally ready to embrace the waves, and eager to dive into the adventure. Surfing is not just a sport; it’s a journey of growth and fun. And in Sayulita, this journey can begin as early as 5 years old, in the safest and most encouraging environment.

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