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Sayulita Surfing Packing Guide

Updated: Jan 18

What to bring on your surf vacation to Sayulita.

Surf lesson surfing wintertime
We help you to come prepared!

Sun-kissed shores, glistening waters, and the promise of perfect waves - Sayulita is every surfer's dream destination. But as you get ready to embrace this Mexican surfing paradise, with famed spots like La Lancha and Punta de Mita, you might wonder: Do I need to pack a wetsuit? We, from Marea Surf School in Sayulita, have the answer for you in this surf outfit packing guide!

Packing for Waters of Sayulita

girl waiting on her board for a wave
Surf in Sayulita

Sayulita is renowned for its warm and welcoming vibe, both in its local culture and its water temperature. With the sea temperatures typically hovering between 77°F (25°C) and 82°F (28°C), you'd think a wetsuit isn't necessary. Yet, both locals and we at Marea often find there's more to the story.

Taking a Cue from Local Surfers

If you really want to understand the surf scene in any destination, you have to look to the locals. In Sayulita, board shorts and bikinis dominate most of the year. But when wintertime rolls around, the script flips a bit. Cooler mornings and evenings, paired with a slight water temperature drop, have many locals—and even us at Marea—reaching for a 1 to 2 mm wetsuit. More than just battling the cold, it's about ensuring our long sessions in the water are as cozy as possible.

What's the perfect wetsuit for Sayulita?

boy ripping a wave on his short board
Whether you have a full body wetsuit or a jacket: make sure it fits well

Well, it varies depending on personal preference. Miguel swears by a top with long sleeves, while Lara's choice is a springsuit. That being said, we've also spotted surfers rocking full suits or wearing sleeveless tops while catching waves in Sayulita. The options are abundant when it comes to wetsuits. We recommend doing a bit of research online, and most importantly, trying some on in-store before making a purchase. A wetsuit should contour to your body snugly without restricting your movement. After all, while the waters of Sayulita aren't freezing, waiting for that perfect wave can get a bit chilly.

The Indispensable Rash Guard

Preparing for a surf lesson
Ready to hit the waves!

Regardless of the season, one item remains a constant favorite - the rash guard. Essential for protecting against the sun's fierce UV rays and preventing board rash, a rash guard is something you'll want to pack. Interestingly, many tourists who come to surf Sayulita's shores find the tropical water temperatures quite comfortable. In fact, for the majority, the cooling embrace of the ocean is just right, and the thought of a full wetsuit does not even cross their mind. Instead, they choose for the good old rash guard. It's light, allows for unhindered movement, and provides the necessary protection without the extra warmth of a wetsuit. So, while you’re soaking up the sun and riding the waves, ensure you have your trusty rash guard on hand. After all, you don’t want to be that person who got so sunburnt that you had to call it quits on surfing!

Sayulita Surf Outfit Packing Guide

a guy waiting for a wave
Surf with Rashguard

In conclusion, while Sayulita’s waters are warmer than many surf destinations around the world, it's always better to be prepared. If you're heading to Sayulita during the wintertime and are someone who tends to feel the cold more acutely, consider packing that wetsuit.

For all the rest, a rash guard paired with your regular surf outfit should do the trick. It ensures you’re protected from the sun and board rash.

people waiting at the break for a wave
The Best Surf Experience

As you prepare to ride the waves in Sayulita or its surroundings, remember that comfort is key. Whether you opt for a wetsuit, a top, a spring suit, or just a rash guard, the most important thing is to enjoy every moment of your surf experience. Share your surfing stories and tips with us!

Happy surfing!

drone shot of La Lancha, you see the lines of the waves
La Lancha break

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